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>> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> storms are moving through. people on the bay are trying to beat the heat by going out in their kayaks earlier today. it's a hard day on the job for this concrete laying crew in east baltimore, taking breaks and drinking lots of fluid. a live look outside right now, parts of the state see severe thunderstorms. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. >> what rain are you talking about? not as much of a drop in the region, but some storms southeast of us that pretty much jumped over in d.c. and still flood warnings in southern portions of montgomery. let's go to the eastern shore. that's where it's located.
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to the east of rock hall. that's a strong, strong thunderstorm heading towards henderson at 20 miles an hour. landing in the next five minutes or so around delaware and chester town. that's the strongest we could find in the area. d.c. had it. light showers off to the east. to the northwest of us, we have a wait a little while longer, probably until 8:00 or 9:00. more thunderstorm activity in the area later tonight. despite warnings, we still have a watch until 9:00 and a little bit earlier than that, however, the warnings continue through portions of the central and
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upper eastern shore until 6:30 to 7:00 with the storms moving in the region. tim with the crazy temperatures today. tim? >> crazy indeed. you talk abouted the temperature coming in, last reported with b.w.i. marshal. 70s in cumberland and hagerstown, these were all in the 90s until the rain moved through and the rain now starletted to cool things down. the rain has not touched the river and ocean city yet but the heat index is very hot as a result. keep in mind that the heat index is 86. the record was 102 today. we topped out as 104 today.
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we blew that away. at 2:22 to be exact, the heat index was around 107. the severe thunderstorms are not causing severe problems across the state. we'll continue to keep you posted. for now, vic, back to you. because of the storms and the high winds, eastbound and westbound traffic is held up at the bay bridge and there are extensive delays in the arrivals and departures at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. you're urged to check at the airport. first warning weather coverage continues with more on how people are dealing with the dangerously high temperatures. >> reporter: unless you are inside the air-conditioning today, chances are you've got very little relief from this
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heat. 11 heat advisories maryland has had so far this year. it's in the middle of the summer and most playgrounds are empty. no one wants to heat outside and no one wants to be there. >> i want to go back inside. >> hydration is key for those working outdoors everyone walking around it carries a drink. >> it feels like a furnace. >> you can feel the beads of sweat coming. >> it was like i'm about to come bust. >> reporter: those physical effects lands some in the hospital. already claimed 23 lives in maryland and emergency room visits rise with the temperatures. >> the people on baseline, many medications, illnesses or elderly, the heat is just that one additional stressor. >> reporter: it brings more patients in the hospital and big bucks for certain kinds of
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businesses. >> what temperature do you think it's in here? >> 20 degrees. >> amen. >> term city ice, what's cold is gold. all the ice goes to restaurants, construction crews and stands. >> normally, it would be jam packed but all the ice is out on the streets. everybody wants some. >> reporter: which is good for business. >> very good for business. >> reporter: back out in the sun, reality is a lot harsher. >> it feels like you're walking through steam, like a crab. you're a baltimore crab being steamed. now you know what the crabs feel like when they're in the pot. >> reporter: this intense heat claimed five more lives in maryland. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> wjz 13 checking in for first warning weather coverage. for updates on the forecast, go to right now, crews are hard at work trying to repair the broken water main in the heart
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of the city. sky chopper 13 is live right now where there's gridlock and extensive work is done on the main. mike hellgren has new information on the repairs. >> reporter: the line that broke here previously classified as high risk and the time estimate to fix it has not changed. it's still three weeks. the new pipe has arrived, ready to go seven feet under light street replacing the broken main that ruptured monday creating chaos. traffic is still snarled here and patience is wearing thin. some businesses remain shot down with no water. >> lose $4,000 to $5,000. >> reporter: it will be three weeks before light street opens between baltimore and lombard.
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>> every year. make sure they are under the ground. >> reporter: wjz learned the main was identified as high risk before the break but there were no immediate plans for repair. >> this is not the first time we've had to deal with a big wall main break. with the rate we're going, it won't be the last. >> reporter: it's trying to increase to 40, but 3800 miles are in the system meaning it will take years to fix it all. the director of public works hopes uses that technology, it will keep them ahead. >> probably won't use them in all the pipes, but there's things to do to giver them the advantage. >> and avoid the mess that shut down several of baltimore's busiest blocks. >> reporter: it's just not feasible to fix all the risky baltimore mains in baltimore. it would cost billions of
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dollars they do not have. >> the mains replaced are from 1889 and 1914. they're putting down 700 feet of new pipe. we don't know the identity of the man killed in the small plane crash. mary is live in the newsroom with the latest. mary? >> reporter: the national safety board is on the scene trying to find out what went wrong. 75-year-old frank schmidt was killed in laytonsville. he was a flight instructor for more than 4 decades. alan was also in the plane. it's not clear yet who was actually flying the plane when it was crashed. they were practicing takeoffs and landings. back to you. >> it could take months for the investigation to be complete.
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they launched allegations of mismanagement. wjz is live. adam may reporters growing tension on campus. adam? >> reporter: denise, they're concerned ability losing their jobs. high level executives are hired with pretty hefty salaries. workers at coppin state university are outraged over layoffs. >> we were fired after 20 years. >> reporter: dorothy was head of housekeeping. >> they do not care what they do to you. >> reporter: just eliminated more than two dozen positions, blaming a 5 1/2 million dollar budget short fall. we were told the president was unavailable and at a conference. instead, they released a statement that said we must do what families, businesses and government institutions across the nation do and that is tighten our belt. it's necessary to mo us forward. >> he takes out the customer
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service representatives, student advisors an leads them off. it's wrong. >> the union leaders say the president is more interested in his own administration. he's expanded his cabinet from the positions making $705,000 to $1.6 million. >> the issue is priorities. are they going to have the people on the ground to give the students services and quality education they need or are they going to give it to, you know, a bunch of bureaucrats who sit around with the president? >> cunningham said it's not fair. >> reporter: it must be mismanagement. to me, anybody laidoff should be the people that control the money, not the staff folks like us. >> this is not the first problem for president avery. teachers gave him a vote of no confidence a month ago and had to defend a low graduation rate of 20%. reporting live tonight, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you, adam.
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coppin state defends saying they're similar to other universities. chief roberts issued an order that temporary blocks a maryland court ruling to bar the collection of generic material from suspects. it starts with the man convicted of a 2003 rape with dna taken in when he was convicted for assault in 2009. an annapolis man convicted of thousands of dollars in home improvement scheme. more on the verdict and the money he has to pay back. >> reporter: after being called a shameless swindler and pathological liar, tommy edward plack scammed out of nearly $30,000. >> we were in the kitchen and said very loudly, that cannot
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be. >> reporter: the county police say plack knuckled and dimed, promising to pave their driveways for an amount. charges a substantial amount more money later than discussed with the victims. >> reporter: charges of acting of a contractor without a license and selling home improvements without a license. he was supposed to be sentenced in may but that was postponed, though he can pay funds to pay his restitution. he never paid and homeowners again walked away empty handed. >> can't get blood out of a stone. if he doesn't have money, he doesn't have money. >> reporter: he continued more legal paving projects in other states and argued he earned $170,000 over the $63 he owes in restitution. he apologized. it seemed sincere, but they weren't buying it. >> it doesn't mean a thing.
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>> reporter: ordered clack to be for five years. the victims don't expect to see a dime. >> i have little faith in that. >> reporter: clack faces additional crimes in georgia and maryland. >> so these people are totally out? >> out of luck. >> thank you. the last two decades, he has given free haircuts and started a non-profit foundation to build barber and beauty shops to help continue his mission. >> good for him and the folks he's helping. still to come, olympic showdown. >> reporter: i'm mary bubala. michael phelps said this will be his last olympics.
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a look halt his biggest hurdle now to make world history just ahead. >> on the run, a violent end for a murder suspect after he steals an airplane. >> tragedy in charles county. police say happened in this home when one man dead and his parents wounded. >> tracking storms in the region. it's cooling down a little bit finally. stay tuned for the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> cooling down with storms in the region. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. police are looking for a motive after a man shoots his stepfather and mother. what ended with the man turning on hills. >> reporter: charles county cops not knowing if his son is alive and armed using the armor truck to force his way into the home where they found the body of shea proctor. police believe he killed himself after wounding his mother, janice proctor will and jeff will with a handgun. his myspace page shows his family together in happier times. >> found a man and a woman. >> there was an argument and then shots. mom and dad get outside and in the street with signs of agony. >> we saw police officers running with guns. at some point, the emergency services team found a 33-year-
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old male in the upstairs bedroom that was deceased and appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> mom and step dad survived and hospitalized. the step dad is a well-liked truck mechanic that does landscaping on the side. >> never have any trouble around here. >> reporter: proctor calls himself mellow and always real but neighbors rarely saw him and don't think he was employed. >> when you don't see him and come out of the house, something's wrong. that's what i think. >> reporter: mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> police don't know or aren't saying what the argument was about that preceded the shooting. a man who rammed his truck in the baltimore washington parkway in new carrollton in march of 2010. 40-year-old michael jasper was fleeing police following a fight on the job with five
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cars. several people were injured. weeks until the 2012 olympics and the eyes are on one match-up. mary joins us with more. mary? >> michael phelps said it will be his last olympics, but have to face against ryan locdi. he hopes to add to the collection at the london olympics and finds himself against fellow american ryan. they are fierce rivals in the pool but also friends. >> we have a great relationship. we have a great rivalry and a great friendship.
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>> reporter: he could break a world record with the most decorated olympian. to think it started here. but locketee is also hungry for more. luke phillipkowski is rooting for his brother. they're in tennessee. >> it's cool to hear guys cheering us on. >> the crowds are larger and louder when they face off in london. right now, the most decorated is a russian gymnast from the 1950s that earned 18 medals, denise. 19. >> 19 more? >> no, three more. 19 total. >> there's no question, the
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record will be broken. i think. thank you, michael said he'll retire after the games. >> i think he'll find something to do. >> i think so. amazing. down to 76 degrees. humidity way up, of course, from the shower activity. winds n at 3. come back and take a look at more shower activity, at least a chance activity, at least a chance across portioners of the region, i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon.
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strong activity over there in the eastern shore, but completely skipped across the region except for a.a. county. you can see all the stuff in chestertown and easton. holings worth. pretty quiet and northwest of baltimore by maybe shower and thunder. i expect the wash we had actually to affect pretty
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shortly, but except for you folks here in delaware. a lot of activity and strong as you saw but here in the baltimore region, very quiet, hardly a drop of rain. more later tonight and tomorrow and friday. more chances of rain with decent activity. take a look at temperatures right now. boy, is it a cool day. easton, you'll be dropping slowly. still, 91 in rock hall. it looks like they've got rain. 86 in bel air. new record today. 104. 76 the morning low, actually, that was the afternoon temperature right now. it was up to 80 degrees and that was like the warmest night ever at b.w.i. but it's already up to 106.
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more with the front across the region. across virginia and more showers and storms tomorrow kind of an in between day. a risk of more storms. a lot cooler, maybe in the upper 70s but a risk of more showers and some places with 1 to 2-inch os of rain and that could be a really welcome thing. friday, much cooler and drying out just in time for the weekend. by the way, winds at northeast. the bay temp stuck at a warm 83. tomorrow, scattered showers and thunder activity in the east. 74 tomorrow and low 90s. maybe upper 80s and maybe a heavier thunderstorm as well on your thursday. >> okay. >> yours too. still to come on wjz eyewitness news, internet cafe
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confrontation. tried to rob the business when the customer is armed himself. >> reporter: defending the dream. i'm pat warren coming up. those in favor of the dream act urge voters to vote yes. >> reporter: i'm alex demetrick and coming up, hot weather, hot water. what the heat waves are doing to the bay. that story as eyewitness ,,,,,,,
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this is wjz-tv, wjz-hd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it's 6:30. 76 degrees with some storms in the region. good evening, thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a man wanted for murder in colorado is found dead in utah after police say he broke into an airport and tried to steal a jet. bigad shaban reports for wjz with more on the suspect in this bizarre man hunt for a murderer. >> reporter: work crews repair the fence at utah st. george airport tuesday hours after a murder suspect tried to make a high-flying getway a. a pilot for sky west airlines tried to breach airport security and steal a 50 passenger jet. he was wanted for the murder of his exgirlfriend whose body was found in colorado springs apartment friday that prompted sky west to revoke his security
6:31 pm
cards. it was just before 1:00 a.m. tuesday when a police officer patrolling the airport noticed an abandoned motorcycle that had a warm engine and a rug thrown over a razor wire fence. that's how he got in. apparently made his way on the sky west jet and started ten gins. >> he knew exactly how to get into the plane, the cabin. there's multiple systems you have to be familiar with and he flew all of it. >> reporter: as the plane taxied away, it clipped and then rolled through the fence and into some parked cars, collapsing the plane's nose gear. when police entered the plane, found him dead of a self- inflicted gunshot wound to the head. they analyzed clues for behavior and review airport security measures. bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> now federal transportation
6:32 pm
officials say they're reviewing security at the st. george airport, but it's of the airport not the tsa. rural iowa community. mary in the newsroom with the latest on the investigation. >> fbi dive team from los angeles may join the search. 8-year-old elizabeth collins and lyric cook in evansdale, iowa. their bicycle and purse were found later that day. the nearby lake, parts of the lake are more than 20 feet deep. the lake is being drained clear. families of the girls think they were abducted. >> volunteers also looking for the girls. heat waves have impacts on land. it's also felt on the water. wjz drought watch covers begins
6:33 pm
with alex demetrick with what it's doing to the chesapeake. >> reporter: when the sun comes up, it adds to heat already trapped in the bay's water and brings to first warning weather. >> 83 degrees in the middle of the bay there. >> bay temperatures are quite warm, even for the summer. >> reporter: there's a decline in the crabs caught. and large beds of grass die off in water, too hot to survive. what the bay hasn't seen are the kind of huge algae blooms with warm weather this past spring which created dead zones. >> you get this algae blooming and it depletes the oxygen from the water. >> reporter: those blooms were
6:34 pm
fed by nitrogen after heavy tropical storms. but now the nutrients that fed the algae are eaten up thanks to dry weather. >> reporter: we've had little runoff and rainfall, so not as much fresh water coming into the bay which would bring nutrients to cause this dead zone phenomenon. conditions that reduced by two- thirds. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> drought watch coverage continues with tim williams who is updating rainfall totals and tracking live doppler radar. tim? >> not much is reported in any one location. we haven't had torrential downpour. the numbers haven't changed very much. we've had this year over 14 inches of rain. the normal would be just over 22 1/2, so the deficit is around 8 1/2 inches of rain or
6:35 pm
so. we had it move through b.w.i. marshall. that's been just about 200th of an inch. as far as the doppler radar, we've seen some of the rain totals picking up of those. kent county has a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:45. we have until 7:00 because of the storms, they've been rolling through but pretty quickly and not really bringing much rain with them as they move on by. they're dropping temperatures to help us deal with the heat as we move into the next few days. we'll keep you posted. back to you, denise. thank you, tim. we have an update on the story we told you earlier. the bay bridge that was shut down, now the wind restrictions has been lifted and the eastbound span is open and westbound is closed because of debris in the roadway and as you can see, there is still come very heavy traffic on the
6:36 pm
bridge. well, wjz 13 is always checking for first warning weather coverage. updates, go to today was a breakout today for supporters of the dream act. they uphold a new state law to offer tuition to documented students. pat warren has more on their plans. >> we are the dreamers ♪ fighting for justice ♪ and higher education ♪. >> reporter: the dream act signed by the governor to secure the necessary signatures to put to voters and survived a court challenge. >> oh, it's going to be a big election. >> reporter: maryland is the 11th state to allow these and other undocumented students to pay the lower in-state tuition for higher education, providing they are maryland high school graduates and their parents paid state taxes for five
6:37 pm
years. >> yes, i'll be able to take advantage of it. >> reporter: there's a coalition to work to get voter approval. >> right now, my status probably won't let me get into college. >> reporter: opponents are only given legal residents to qualify for benefits. >> it's pretty obvious this bill is common sense and vote against using our tax funds to give it to illegal aliens. >> reporter: supporters consider the view shortsighted. >> get a chance for an education. >> reporter: the dreamers will rally tomorrow. i'm pat warren reporting. now back to you on tv hill. >> referendums on redistricting and same-sex marriage are also on the district. the baltimore sun tomorrow, people are concerned about a controversy surrounding one of
6:38 pm
the musical headlines. they're widows of the players to finally receive survivor benefits of the nfl and just in time for the olympics, british inspired fashions. for this and more, the baltimore sun and look for the updated forecast for wjz first warning weather team. >> still to come, wjz eyewitness news, a wild pursuit. a suspect steals a police cruiser. wait until you see how this ends. >> i'm bob turk in the first warning weather forecast. the five-day forecast. >> wjz 13 is always on at this hour. for updates at any time, go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a bomb explodes in a bus carrying israeli tourists. it happened shortly after the tour group landed. six people were killed and 32 others injured. israel claims it was iranian attack. two about have been in dispute of iran's nuclear program. dramatic video of an internet cafe in florida two
6:42 pm
men stormed in with a gun and baseball bat. watch in the highlighted area. a 71-year-old man pulls his out own gun and shoots both suspects. each suffered minor injuries and now facing attempted robbery charges. the customer has a concealed weapon license and will not be charged. the suspect was on the gun when he got into a police cruiser and took off. shots fired and a dozen officers followed in pursuit. the suspect crashed a half mile away. the man was involved in an attempted robbery earlier in the day. it is a special day for former south african president nelson mandela. it's his 94th birthday. he enjoyed a small celebration in his home. >> extraordinary. 94. looks wonderful. >> sure does.
6:43 pm
all right, scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up on the cbs evening news. >> a bomb in syria killed three members of the dictatorships inner circle. is it a turning point in the war? that's tonight on the cbs evening news. >> here's a look at the closing >> here's a look at the closing numbers ,,,,
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>> it is a pleasant july evening across most of maryland after some thunderstorms cooled things off. some storms are still rolling through and there's a live look right there. the first warning weather team is tracking these. bob? >> there are some strong storms. a 60 miles per hour about an hour ago. all the activity is moving to delaware, finally out of maryland. folks in dover, milford area, that is moving in your area. you could see strong, even damaging wind gusts with the storms in the next 15 to 20 minutes. pretty quiet in western maryland. i think the baltimore/d.c. area may see more showers and maybe thunder later on tonight.
6:47 pm
the watch was canceled anywhere west of the bay area. the forecast, more activity. tim? >> yes, rain in the future. the crazy thing is that we hit our high today which was a record of 140 and a low today down in the 70s in about three hours. b.w.i. marshal because of the showers. we'll be down in the 70s again tonight. with that, we start around 76 degrees and go up in the 80s and tomorrow, we top out around 93 with another chance of pop- up showers and storms. for the next five days, we send it to bob. >> just when we talked about the drought, see more showers possible. one to two inches with some at 80, 64 at night. looks like a great weekend. 84, 87. a little warmer, maybe a little more humid monday. back up to 92 again.
6:48 pm
under armour has its campaign to refine what it means to be a female athlete. one winner is from right here in baltimore. >> we're taking it back. >> reporter: an international competition for women to set fitness goals and achieve them. 30-year-old of baltimore city, a math teacher, was own of 10,000 submissions. her plan was to get the girls at her elementary school to run a mile. >> we would run monday. in the end, they were able to accomplish their goal of running a mile and it was awesome. >> reporter: for ten weeks, kaitlyn tracked her progress online, vying for the chance to be one of the new chases of under armour, as one of their inspirational women and it
6:49 pm
worked. you brought a whole new light and we're excited to have you. under armour said kaitlyn's submission stood out the entire time. it was her selflessness that made her shine. she wins an under armour deal for training and athletic gear for a year. >> they got along better in class. it was good for the overall kids. >> reporter: under armour said the entire campaign was such a success, they plan to launch a similar one this fall. in baltimore city, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> the three inspirational women are from texas, tennessee, and missouri. good for all the girls who met their goals. >> a mile,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> mark viviano with the sports report. >> there's time to improve. to say it's been up and down applies quite literally to o's pitcher, like tommy hunter, back up with the big league team after sent down to the minors. he gets the start in minnesota after spending time with the
6:53 pm
a.a.a. team. o's hitters will face twins lefty. the birds lost six of the last seven games. among the weaknesses exposed, young pitching chris tillman with a bad game. he watched with a disappointing season debut in minnesota last night. knocked out of the game after four innings, he was charged with giving up four runs and the relievers couldn't hold the twins down either. two runs score on the consecutive hits in the inning. a difference with a 6-4 orioles defeat, but it goes back to britain. an outing that didn't last long enough to help the team. >> four innings and 100 pitches. better and it wasn't there tonight. >> it's just disappointing. you can't do that. this is a game you've got to win. every time they give you four rounds, there are four innings
6:54 pm
and it's inacceptable. >> they have the most errors in the majors. o's and twins tonight on masn2. it's on cleveland. it will be masn on wjz right here. first at 7:00 p.m. on saturday. the o's have fallen. two run home run in the inning to share the 19th homer this season. the game was called due to rain in the seventh inning. the yankees have the best record in baseball. england becomes a focal point in the sports world with the golf british open starting tomorrow. tiger woods is the focus with
6:55 pm
that. woods has a 50-50 open. there's practice rounds on the notorious round. but it was a knee injury that kept him out for more than a year. >> it wasn't a whole lot of fun. i missed four majors there because i was injured. i figure if i'm healthy, then i can prepare properly for major championships. >> he's in position to take over the world number one ranking this weekend. he's won the british open three times in his career and we'll see if he can make ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> that's it for us tonight. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. that's much more with scott >> pelley: tonight, a bomb strikes at the heart of syria's dictatorship.
6:59 pm
many of assad's top aids are killed or wounded. we have reports from our correspondents with long experience in syria. elizabeth palmer and clarissa ward. nelson mandela is almost never seen in public now but our mark phillips was invited to his party as mandela turned 94 today. 11 years after 9/11 some u.s. flight schools still don't check the backgrounds of foreign students. bob orr has our story. and taking on a mountain without his legs. spencer west's incredible journey to the top and the message he brought back. >> here's the path. you can overcome it ux too. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.

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